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Can you name the A-Z of Back to the Future?

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A. What old man #p thinks Marty is in when he first arrives in 1955.
B. Last name of Doc.
C. Last name of Clara, the lady who Doc falls in love with.
D. Marty's siblings are Linda and...
E. Name of dog in 1985.
F. Amount of siblings that Lorraine has.
G. Name of Marty's father.
H. Name of the fictional town that Marty lives in.
I. Nationality of Seamus and Maggie McFly.
J. Name of Marty's girlfriend.
K. Last name of the name Marty's mom accidently mistakes him for. Calvin...
L. Name of Marty's mother.
M. Marty's last name.
N. Date that the clock tower got struck by lightning. ...1955
O. Name that Doc calls the time period around 1885.
P. Name of the man who owned all of Twin Pines Mall in 1955. Old man...
Q. - Write the word nothing.
R. Name of President in 1985.
S. Name of headmaster at the high school.
T. Last name of Biff, Griff and Buford 'Maddog'.
U. Name of the dance Marty's parents go to. The Enchantment...
V. Name of the planet that 'Darth Vader' is from.
W. Last name of Mayor in 1985. Goldie...
X. - Write the word nothing.
Y. What type of age group is Marty.
Z. - Write the word nothing.

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