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People who find out they are HIV positive are 3 times more likely to buy condoms, Incentives to discover HIV Status.
Increasing the perceived returns to education is just as important as increasing the actual returns to education.
Technological Progress with HYV seeds led to an increase in educational attainment.
In-kind transfers provide more benefits than cash transfers
Increasingly available ARV treatment also increases the benefits to being tested for HIV. Can reduce risky behavior.
Find that there is a moral hazard with wages. Piece rates are more efficient.
Short-run subsidies improve long-run adoption of technologies provided the technology is good.
Speculation and unreasonable expectations drove up the price of rice in Bangladesh in 1974
Finds a strong correlation between rising caloric intake and rising productivity in Sierra Leone
Subsidizing contraception reduces fertility. Family planning helps women.
Children are productive units in rural areas. They are consumption goods in urban areas. Quantity and Quality trade-off.
Landless households had less access to credit during the famine in Bangladesh
Less children tends to lead to more human capital investment. If technology rises, then fertility decreases.
Main PointAuthor
To help nutritionally deficient households, you must know their elasticitys
Building more schools in Indonesia increased educational attainment.
Piped water makes individual households cleaner, but when the overall prevalence of piped water gets too high, sanitation decreases.
Doctors in low-income countries are not good.
When technological change is forecast to increase in an area, then women that will be married into that area tend to receive higher levels of education.
Giffen Behavior exists for food consumption in China
When the population has more younger people and men tend to marry younger women, dowry prices increase.
Propose that government should tax/subsidize births based on their eventual externality. Finds that intergenerational transfers have large positive externalities in the US, but sma
People who want to use a product will pay more for it. People who are forced to pay more for it, but don't necessarily want it, won't use it more.
Comparative Advantage Applies to Household Human Capital Investments
Given women control of resources benefits the household overall. They studied England, but this applies globally.
Braan-based economies will provide minimal returns to education, but will increase schooling of women. Occupation is selected by size.

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