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Can you name the Phi Kappa Theta Mizzou Roster?

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Forced Order
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Recently discovered massive cock
Sag much?
Skeetest Jew
Infamous Meatspinner
Huge collection of DVDs
Ball Sack Shot
PAB President
Still looking for $220
Tickles Vags with Voice
Future UFC fighter
Skype Sex?
Loves dips, naps, whiskey, and diner dave
4th times a charm college algebra
Real name Harrison
Former Treasurer of South Dorm
Cooler than older brother...by a lot
Likes 'bloody' girls and a bottle of jack
Pizza or Chinese
Aldon Smiths Hands
'Man of Many Words'
Talk less at chapter... seriously
2nd skeetest Jew
Caught Bieber Fever
Old School Nickelodeon
Grow Back Your Hair
Coming out of the closet soon
Gossamer... google it
Ted's New Bitch
Ricky Hudson?
Hoffman Wannabe
McDonalds Employee
3 BJs on move-in day... dece
Outifts that Cost more than tuition
Skeetest Non-Jew
Drive Slow
Hates the single life
'The Dog Father' RFD
Still hasn't made it to get an STD check after a rather unfortanute situation first semester with a Greek godess
Why do all the short italians have huge dicks in this house?
Resembles Tony Palumbo
Whale Poacher
Met more people at the rec than in the house
Presidential Delta
Endangered Bear from China
Keeps it 24/25
Can't sleep on metal bed frames
Giving J-Dub Records a run for their money
Bed times 9:30
Cops think he's his brother
Notoriously known for creeping and I'm not Tom Howell
Hippie PAB
If he tells you a story... don't believe it, also don't walk by him with open food containers he will take them
Trackin it since pledgeship
2nd coolest kid from Milwaukee
Perfect laptop for throwing
I'm gonna kiss her hehehehe
Resident Rood Poodle of 3rd Old
Biggest Nerd in the House
Talaynas main funder
Equally hated by the girls he hates
Godfather of basement hangs
Notorious Nude Drunk
Chipotle? Subway?
Totally Unwanted Random Dude
Biggest Darsh
Won 2 Green Jackets
Wreaking havoc on new side toilets since last Fall
Body Piercings... dece
Sushi anyone?
Wears tanks and shacks with PABs
Loves Jen Phams Boobs
Ninga who had a habit of locking girls in his room during pledgeship
Can be seen juggling soccer balls or dancing in the front yard
Red Head that lives for front yard hangs
Ole Smiling Dog Boy
2nd best basketball player in his family
Hair Line of A 60 year old man
Playing loud country music and drinking whiskey
Enjoys dogs and the smokers porch
Most whipped kid in room 10... not even close
Seriously, who let this guy on exec
24 years old and still shacks at jones
Tubbiest PAB to come through since McArthur
Everyone is jealous of this 3rd new member because he has the coolest roommate
Even dorkier than his older brother

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