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Too many platelets
Red cells show more variation in shape than is normal
Too few white cells
Increased blue tinge to cytoplasm of a red cell (young cell)
Cells that are spherical in shape
Red cells are larger than normal
Cells with an accumulation of Hb in central area
Nuclear remnant in a red cell
Red cells are smaller than normal
Stacks of red cells that resemble a pile of coins
Too few platelets
Too many white cells
Too many neutrophils
Elliptically shaped cells
A young red cell
Normal in staining characteristics
Cells have a larger area of central pallor than is normal
Cells lack central pallor
Increase in non-segmented neutrophils
Red cells that are of normal size
Too few neutrophils
Cells irregular in outline but smaller than normal cells and have lost central pallor
Red cells show more variation in size than is normal

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