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Can you name the companies by their slogan?

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im lovin' itfast food/restaurant
eat freshfast food/restaurant
the worlds local bankbanking company
connecting peopleelectronics company
think differentelectronics company
the ultimate driving machinecar company
just do itsporting company
every little helpssupermarket
broadcast yourselfwebsite
believe in bettertv company
**** pricesupermarket
try something new todaysupermarket
have it your wayfast food/restaurant
work-rest-playchocolate bars
have a break, have a *** ***chocolate bars
power to youelectronics company
because im worth itbeauty products
for the journeybanking company
life's goodelectronics company
finger lickin' goodnessfast food/ restaurant
impossible is nothingsporting company
make believeelectronics company
its in the game/ challenge everythinggaming company
melts in your mouth, not in your handchocolate bars
buy it. sell it. love it.trading company
it could be yougambling company
keeps going and going and goingbattery company
the worlds favourite airlineairline company
probably the best beer in the worldbeer company
snap! crackle! pop!breakfast cereal
dont just book it. ****** **** itaccomidation company
the car infront is a ******car company

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