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Miller's a view from the bridge: Beatrice and Marco?

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Why does Marco come to the US?
How does Marco show his superior strength to Eddie?
When the immigration police arrest Marco, what does he do to Eddie?
What does Eddie claim Marco has stolen from him?
What does Marco call Eddie at the play's conclusion?
How is Marco related to Eddie's family?
According to Marco, where was the furthest he went on his fishing boat?
Complete the quote: 'The law? All the law is not in a...
How long does Marco stay at Eddie's house?
How many children does Marco have?
HintAnswerExtra information
How does Marco kill Eddie?
Besides his lust for Catherine, why is Beatrice unhappy in her marriage with Eddie?
How many children does Beatrice have?
What relation does Beatrice have to Catherine
What is Beatrice's job
Complete the quote: 'But if you act like a baby...'
Complete the quote: 'you can't have...'
Where in Italy are Beatrice's cousins from?
What kind of fish does Marco tell Beatrice swim near Coney Island?
What does Eddie prevent Beatrice from doing?

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