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Single laryngeal papilloma is seen in what demographic
Risk factors for laryngeal carcinoma
HPV 6 is associated with what?
What type of carcinoma is laryngeal carcinoma
Pathology of nasopharynx that is associated with eczema
Benign papillary tumor of vocal cord
Disease that presents with drooling with dysphagia
Inflammation of the epiglottis
Nodule that arises on vocal cord
Pleomorphic keratin-positive epithelial cells in a background of lymphocytes are seen in what disease?
Protrusion of edematous, inflamed nasal mucosa
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is associated with what infectious pathogen
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma classically presents with involvement of what?
This disease is classically seen in Asian young adults
Allergic rhinitis is rhinitis due to what?
Disease that presents with muffled voice
Most common cause of croup is what?
Presents with hoarse 'barking' cough
Pathology of nasopharynx that is associated with asthma
Inflammation of the nasal mucosa
Presents with hoarseness, cough, and stridor
Medical term for nosebleed
This pathology presents with profuse epistaxis
Most common cause of rhinitis
Laryngotracheobronchitis is also known as what?
Are vocal cord nodules usually unilateral or bilateral?
HPV 11 is associated with what?
Presentation of nasal polyps in a child are often indicative of what underlying disease
What are vocal cord nodules composed of?
Nasal polyps in adults can indicate the presence of what disease
A cell being keratin-positive implies that it is what type of cell?
Inflammatory infiltrates are seen in what?
Pathological finding usually secondary to repeated bouts of rhinitis
Breath sound heard in acute epiglottitis
What is the most common cause of acute epiglottitis in NON immunized children
This disease is classically seen in African children
Carcinoma arising from epithelial lining of vocal crod
Multiple laryngeal papillomas are seen in what demographic
Malignant tumor of nasopharyngeal epithelium
Presents with voice hoarseness that resolves with rest of vocal cords
Angiofibroma is classically seen in what demographic
Breath sound heard in croup
Inflammation of the upper airway is called what
What disease has a risk of acute airway obstruction
Benign tumor of nasal mucosa composed of large blood vessels and fibrous tissue
What type of immune cell is seen in excess in allergic rhinitis
What is the most common cause of acute epiglottitis in immunized children

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