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QUIZ: Can you name the weapons in Sunset Overdrive given their description?

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The ____ _________ is an oversized green watering can loaded with Fizzie-like water sprinklers with thin hoses fitted on their heads
The _______ __ __ ______ is a black electric guitar with a Day of The Dead theme with lit candles on it
The __-__ acts exactly like an actual AK-47: fast firing, accurate, and easy to use
The __-____ acts like an AK-47 variant but deals a high rate of fire, but at the cost of power
Hit a home run with the head of an OD with the ________ ___ melee weapon
_______ ____ is a harpoon gun that fires harpoons with a bottle of OverCharge Delirium XT attached near the spear heads
The ______ ____ shoots out a beam of energy for a short duration that grows in power over time, and can kill the mightiest of enemies with ease
The _______ is the default melee weapon
The _____ _____ is a hand cannon style weapon. Low rate of fire, high damage per bullet.
The ____ is a charge weapon that fires bowling balls
The __________ is a combination of the words 'Excalibur' and the last name of Gorō Nyūdō Masamune
____ ___ ____ shoots out a steady, short-ranged stream of fire that will light most anything on fire
The _______ ______ is a standard-issue blaster gun used by Fizzco Bots. It fires slow-moving laser pulse blasts with the speed of an assault rifle.
Smack those Fizzbots with their own ______ _____
The _______ ___________ appears to be a modified blunderbuss, a type of shotgun, with an aerosol can and a wire providing the flaming tip
Use the ____ _____ to LARP with the Fargarthians
The _______ ____ is a handcrafted cannon made out of a network of pipes connected to a cryogenic tanker
The ____ _____ ____ is an explosive weapon launcher with a cluster rocket bonus
The ________ is an electric pitchfork like weapon made out of beer cans
The ________ ______ is made from a bat and spiked wheels
The __________ fires the decapitated heads of OD instead of bowling balls
The ____ ________ launches vinyl records at high velocity, with a fire rate like most assault rifles, with the long-medium range
The _____ ______ is a special version of the sawed off shotgun weapon that uses spray paint cans as ammo
The _____ ______ is a gadget used to lure Boo Boo, the robotic dog, back to its owner Margrett at The Sasquatch and Friends
The _________ fires slicing boomerangs that can go through multiple enemies
______ ___ ___ ____ is a gun that launched limited edition, priceless, multi-colored vinyls that do increased damage
The ___-______ ______ is a modified fireworks launcher that fires an immolating sticky bomb that can set a target on fire if hit
The _________ ____ is a pneumatic pipe-cannon launcher that fires sticky ball explosives
The _____ ____ shoots out deployable electric mines that pulse for consecutive attacks
The _____ _______ shoots out single electric spikes that can latch on to enemies or the environment, creating links of electric currents
The _____ ______ fires dumb-fire firework rockets that explodes on impact, causing a small explosion
Use the ____ ______ _____ to score a goal with the head of a scab as the puck
Fix a Scab's plumbing with the ____ ____ melee weapon
Demolish some Scabs with the ____ ____________ melee weapon
Hit a home run with the head of a Scab with the ____ ______ ___ melee weapon
The _______ shoots out a beam of electricity that can spread in chain lighting to other targets
The ______ ______ shoots out short ranged shotgun shells that explode on enemies for massive damage
The _____ ______ is a Bokken (A Japanese sword made from woos), with roasted marshmallows at the tip
The _____ ___ launches holograms of the player that distract enemies, and redirects damage back at them
The _______ is essentially a teddy bear strapped onto a large stick of dynamite
The ______ ______ is a modified flaregun or revolver that launches a compressed ball containing automated flying helicopters

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