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Can you name each genus of primate by any 3 letters of their scientific name?

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Cheirogaleidae Family
(dwarf and mouse lemurs)
Lemuridae Family
Lepilemuridae Family
(sportive lemurs)
Indriidae Family
(woolly lemurs)
Daubentoniidae Family
Lorisidae Family
(lorises, pottos)
Galagidae Family
Tarsiidae Family
Callitrichidae Family
(marmosets, tamarins)
Cebidae Family
(capuchins, squirrel monkeys)
Aotidae Family
(night monkeys)
Pitheciidae Family
(titis, sakis, uakaris)
Atelidae Family
(howler, spider and woolly monkeys)
Cercopithecidae Family
(Old World monkeys)
Hylobatidae Family
Hominidae Family
(great apes)

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