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Can you name the Laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize by any 3 consecutive letters of their name?

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2016President of Colombia
2015*Democracy in Tunisia
2014Child Labor
2014Children's Education
2013*Disarmament of Chemical Arms
2012*World Organizing
2011President of Liberia
2011Women's Rights in Liberia
2011Human Rights in Yemen
2010Human Rights in China
2009President of USA
2008President of Finland
2007*Climate Change
2007Climate Change
2006Founder of Grameen Bank
2006*Fighting Poverty
2005*Disarmament of Nuclear Arms
2005Director General of IAEA
2004Green Belt Movement
2003Judge in Iran
2002President of USA
2001*World Organizing
2001U.N. Secretary-General
2000President of South Korea
1999*Emergency Aid Organization
1998Good Friday Agreement
1998Good Friday Agreement
1997*Disarmament of Landmines
1997Banning of Landmines
1996East Timor Conflict
1996East Timor Conflict
1995Nuclear Disarmament
1995*Nuclear Disarmament
1994Leader of Palestine
1994Foreign Minister of Israel
1994Prime Minister of Israel
1993End of Apartheid
1993End of Apartheid
1992Rights of Indigenous Peoples
1991National League for Democracy
1990President of USSR
198914th Dalai Lama
1988*World Organizing
1987President of Costa Rica
1986Holocaust Spokesman
1985*Disarmament of Nuclear Arms
1984South African Bishop
1983Trade Union Leader
1982Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones
1982Disarmament of Nuclear Arms
1981*International Aid Organization
1980Human Rights in Argentina
1979Leader of Missionaries of Charity
1978President of Egypt
1978Prime Minister of Israel
1977*Ending Violations of Rights
1976Northern Ireland Peace Movement
1976Northern Ireland Peace Movement
1975Soviet Nuclear Physicist
1974International Politician
1974Prime Minister of Japan
1973U.S. Secretary of State
1973Refused the Prize
1971Chancellor of Germany
1970The Green Revolution
1969*Employee Rights
1968Human Rights
1965*International Aid
1964Civil Rights Leader
1963*Armed Forces Aid
1963*Armed Forces Aid
1962Also won in Chemistry
1961U.N. Secretary General
1960African National Congress President
1959Member of Parliament
1958Father of the Dominican Order
1957Prime Minister of Canada
1954*International Aid Organization
1953U.S. Secretary of State
1952Founder of Lambarene
1951Trade Union Leader
1950Mediator in Palestine
1947*Peace Movement
1947*Peace Movement
1946Peace Movement
1946Head of YMCA
1945Founding of U.N.
1944*Armed Forces Aid
1938*International Aid
1937International Peace Campaign
1936Argentine Politician
1935Anti-Nazi Activist
1934Disarmament Conference
1933Journalist, Politician
1931Social Worker
1930Archbishop in Sweden
1929U.S. Secretary of State
1927Franco-German Reconciliation
1927German Peace Society
1926Locarno Pact
1926Locarno Pact
1925Locarno Pact
1925Allied Reparation Commission
1922Nansen Passports
1921Prime Minister of Sweden
1921Inter-Parliamentary Union
1920Prime Minister of France
1919League of Nations Founder
1917*Armed Forces Aid
1913International Peace Bureau
1912U.S. Secretay of State
1911International and Private Law
1911German Peace Society
1910*Peace Movement
1909Prime Minister of Belgium
1909Diplomat of France
1908Swedish Peace and Arbitration
1908International Peace Bureau
1907Lombard League of Peace
1907International Law
1906President of USA
1905'Lay Down Your Arms' Author
1904*Justice and Peace
1903Inter-Parliamentary Union
1902International Peace Bureau
1902International Peace Bureau
1901Red Cross Founder
1901French Peace Society Founder

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