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Can you name the missing word from the burgers of the day on Bob's Burgers in Season 1?

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Foot ____-ish BurgerA pun on 'foot fetish'
Mission A-____-Plished BurgerPun on the phrase 'Mission accomplished'
______ Don't Preach BurgerA pun on the song by Madonna entitled 'Papa Don't Preach'
Rest in ____ BurgerA pun on the phrase 'rest in peace'
___-eta Bout It BurgerA pun on the phrase 'Forget about it'
______ Which Way But Loose BurgerA pun on the 1978 film Every Which Way But Loose
The _________ Files BurgerA pun on the TV series The Rockford Files
These ________ Don't Run BurgerA pun on the phrase 'These colors don't run'
Totally ______ BurgerA play on the phrase 'Totally rad'
Last of the Mo-______ BurgerA pun on The Last of the Mohicans
_____ And Let Die BurgerA reference to the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die
Thank God It's Fried ___ BurgerA play on the saying 'Thank God it's Friday'
_________-ly Legal BurgerA pun on the magazine Barely Legal
_______ Picasso BurgerA reference to the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso
Salvador ___________ BurgerA reference to the Spanish painter Salvador DalĂ­
Shoot out at the ____ Corral BurgerA reference to the events of Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, a 1957 Western
Hit Me With Your Best _______ BurgerA play on the saying (and Pat Benetar hit song) 'Hit me with your best shot'
The Sound & The _____ BurgerA reference to the novel The Sound & the Fury
I've Created a ________ BurgerA reference to Frankenstein
Take Me Out To The ______A play on the song 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game'

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