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Can you name the movies that are parodied by 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'?

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Ate 1/2 (Of My Lunch)1963
49th Parallelogram1941
The 400 Bros1959
Anatomy of a Burger1959
A Box O'Lips, Wow1979
The Battle of All Deer1966
Brew Vervet1986
Breathe Less1960
Burden of Screams1982
Senior Citizen Cane1941
A Sockwork Orange1971
Gross Encounters of the Turd Kind1977
Can't Tempt1963
The Complete Lack of Conversation1974
Crouching Housecat, Hidden Housecat2000
Death in Tennis1971
Don't Look Now, Because a Creep-Ass Dwarf is About to Kill You!!! Damn.1973
Eyes Wide Butt1999
Gone with My Wind1939
The Prunes of Wrath1940
Hairy, Old and Mod1971
It's a Punderful Life1946
La Gelee1962
The Lady Manishness1938
The Last Crustacean of Christ1988
Grumpy Cul-de-sacs1973
2:48 PM Cowboy1969
My Best Actor is Also a Dangerous Lunatic1999
My Dinner with Andre the Giant1981
Nose Ferret 21922
Pooping Tom1960
Raging Bullsh*t1980
Rear Wind1954
The Rad Shoes1948
Rosemary Baby Carrots1968
Second (Helpings of Dinner)1966
The Seven Seals1957
The Turd Man1949
Vere'd He Go?1958
Wages for Beer1953
The Janitor of Oz1939
Yellow Submarine Sandwich1968

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