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Can you name the words or phrases with silver or gold in them?

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1976 action comedy about a murder on a train bound for Chicago. Starring Gene Wilder
Lucrative benefits given to top executives if they are discharged after a takeover
Someone whose interest in a relationship is material benefits
Time of ones life after retirement from their job
Proverb: Every cloud has a...
A monetary system that backs its currency with a reserve of gold
An employee may get this piece of jewelry upon retirement
A couple married for 25 years would celebrate this
Poisonous colorless crystalline compound used for manufacturing film. AgNO3
Ideal moment to do something. You don't want to let this pass you by.
A werewolf's worst enemy
New York investment bank that was bailed out by the government in October 2008
Aquatic lifeform usually kept as a pet. Carassius auratus
Complete multivitamin specially formulated for women & men age 50+
Started because of the discovery at Sutter's Mill in California
In the U.S. presidential election of 1896, what was William Jennings Bryan's campaign slogan
available from American Express
Cruise line with slogan 'The art of travel. The art of good living'
Quidditch ball from Harry Potter series
Company that provides skin care solutions, including their famous foot powder
A brand of cooking flour
Company slogan 'When you care enough to send the very best'
Yellow colored flowering plant common in North America
Spanish coin that could be cut into 'bits'
In a famous story, King Midas asks for this power from Dionysus

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