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Odysseus' home island
Son of Odysseus
Wife of Odysseus
Goddess who loves Odysseus
The local prophet
Main evil suitor #1 (E....)
Main evil suitor #2 (A....)
King of Pylos
Prince of Pylos
King of Sparta
Queen of Sparta
Shape-shifting Old Man of the Sea
His island home
His daughter who offers help
City sacked straight after Troy
Inhabitants of city sacked after Troy
The plant with narcotic properties
One one-eyed giant
Several one-eyed giants
One-eyed giant, son of Poseidon
God of the winds
His floating island home
Man-eating giants
Their homeland
Men-into-pigs goddess
Her island home
The wine she mixes with drugs
Odysseus' man who escapes her
Odysseus' man who falls off her roof
Blind prophet of the underworld
Odysseus' mum
Odysseus' dad
King of Argos, killed by wife and lover
The wife...
The lover...
The avenging son..
Hero of Troy, wishes he was living scum
Fighter at Troy, ignores Odysseus
Deadly goddesses with deadly song
Six-headed monster/goddess
Deadly whirlpool goddess
The Sun god
His island home
His daughter who turns informer
Island goddess of the lovely tresses
Her island home
God whom she gives hospitality
Goddess who provides magic veil
The last people Odysseus meets before home
Their island home
Their king
Their queen
Their bard
The flirty princess
The loyal swineherd
The loyal herdsman
The loyal nurse
The loyal bard (saved)
The loyal herald (saved)
Father of Anticleia, names Odysseus
Disloyal goatherd (male)
Disloyal maidservant (female)
Prophet from Argos who joins Telemachus
A 'good' suitor who restrains the rest

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