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Who is considered as the founder of utilitarian philosophy
What is the method for determining quantitatively the right course of action
What form of Utilitarianism does Bentham follow, it says that ethical decisions should be made on a case by case basis?
What does Mill say are the greater form of pleasure
We can object that pleasure and the absence of pain are not the only good. Who argues that we also value being in touch with reality?
Which theory claims to explain why pleasure is not the only important thing and the distinction between higher and lower pleasures
Who argues that Mill confuses two senses of desirable
Which form of utilitarianism says an action is right if it complies with societal standards and norms which if everyone follows leads to the greatest happiness
What concept can be undermined by accepting act utilitarianism
Which philosopher is a prominent rule utilitarian
Which philosphical tool suggests Rule Utilitarianism is more complicated and therefore inferior compared to act utilitarianism
What is the name of the claim that pleasure is happiness and the only good

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