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Forced Order
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You play as
Who is being sent to
You find a girl named
Whose parents are in
You meet up with Shawn whose dad is
The man with the stache is
Who is married to
Whose son is nicknamed
After a death, you go with the clique to a
Whose leader is
Whose dad is
The asian is
The news reporter is
Who was saved by
After a walker attack, the group goes to a
3 months later you meet 3 new people. You have the choice to chop off David's
If you leave David, who gets shot?
The third boy is
You later meet the St. Johns who own a
Whose cow is named
Turns out the St. Johns are
Danny can be killed by Lee with a
Brenda is killed by zombified
What type of car do you steal from?
In episode 3, what has crashed into the pharmacy?
The name of the screaming woman you have the chance to kill is
What are the stickers of on Clem's walkie-talkie?
Who was giving the bandits supplies?
After Duck is about to die...who shoots themselves?
You meet a man ontop of a bridge named
Who is married to/dating
Who is either left on the road or steals the RV?
Who is ringing the bells in Savannah?
What is the name of the overrun town that doesn't allow the old/sick/children?
The name of the cancer group leader is
Who brings along
You have the choice to either save or drop
The name of the starved walker boy in the mansion
Who gets buried with his
Where does Lee get bit?
Vernon and his group steal what
If saved, Ben gets impaled by a
This man sacrifices himself
The name of the hotel Clem's parents stayed at
Who is Clem's kidnapper
What is the last walker seen in the game's profession?

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