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What is Harvey's Father called?
What is Harvey's Driver called?
Who is Harvey's Rival in the firm?
What is Harvey's Profession?
You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger gun...
Who paid for Harvey's Tuition to become a lawyer?
What is Harvey's younger brother called?
Which famous basketball player has Harvey got on speed dial?
What was Harvey's Batting average in high school?
What kitchen appliance does Harvey and his secretary have a pre-trial ritual with?
Where was Harvey born?
Where did Harvey Work Before he worked at Person Hardman?
What is Harvey's middle name?
What did Harvey catch his Mum doing when he was 16?
What is Harvey considered the best at in New York?
Where did Harvey Graduate from?
Who is the actor that portrays Harvey Specter?
What position in his class did Harvey Graduate in?
Who is Harvey's Secretary?
Who did Harvey hire as his associate?

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