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Protocol of Sevres
US-Israel Peaceful coop.agreement; Nachel Soreq reactor, Canada builds Indian CIRUS reactor
David Ben-Gurion becomes Israeli Prime Minister
End of Dimona inspections, September: Nixon-Meir meeting, denial of Israeli weapons by US against media claims
Earliest potential date that Dimona reactor goes critical
Latest potential date the Dimona reactor goes critical
IDF surveys the Negev desert, Israeli scientists are invited to French Saclay Nuclear Centre
Mossad buys 200 tonnes of uranium ore from Belgian mining company, US National Intel. Assessment believes Israel has nuclear weapons
US begins inspections of Dimona on back of JFK's personal letters to Ben Gurion and Eshkol
Construction of Dimona begins, De Gaulle becomes French Prime Minister
End of cooperation agreement with France, earliest claim that Israel posses a weapon
UK intelligence believes Israel has a weapons programme, David Ben Gurion gets snubbed by the White House
Newspapers reveal Israel's nuclear programme; confirmed by John McCone (U2 flights); Ben Gurion claims peaceful programme
Start of Israeli-France coop.; arms sales, Uranium and Heavy Water start being produced from the Negev desert
'Full scale' nuclear weapons productions after 6-Day War, CIA believes that Israel can produce a weapon in 6-8 weeks
Israel signs up to Atoms for Peace and strikes Dimona deal with France
March: Eshkol-Komer memo
France withdraws from NATO command structure, UK sells 20 tonnes heavy water to Israel via Norway

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