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O what a _______
Is it not ___
But in a fiction,____
Could force his soul _____
That from her working___
Tears in his eyes, ____
A broken voice, ____
With forms to his____?
And all for ___, For ____!
What's ___ to him, or __ to ___,
That he should ____?
O that this____
Thaw and resolve itself____!
Or that the___fix'd
How weary, __, __ and
Seem to me all ____!
Fie on't! ah fie! 'tis ____,
That grows___; things____Posess it merely
That it should come ___!
But _____ dead: nay, not___, not__:
So ___ a king, that was, to this,
___ to a ___, so loving to ____
That he might not ___ the______ Visit her face too____
___ and ____!
Must ______?
Speak the ___, I ____,
as I ____ it to you
____ on the ____
But if you _____
as ______,
I had ________.
Nor do not_______too much with_____
thus, by use all gently, for in the very_____, ____, and (as I may say)____of your___
you must ___ and ___ a ____that may give it___
O, it ___ to the ___ to ___ a ____-____fellow ___a ___ to tatters, to very rags
to split the ___ of the____
who for the most part are ____ of_____
I would have such a fellow____for o'erdoing______
it out-___ ____.
Pray ________

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