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Forced Order
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Do you remember when you used to sleep at night?
With your hair in braids, your mother tips the maid
Stop, just stop **** around, throwing shade on the ground
You drink the wise blood, you're gonna hear about it
I know it's hard but you've gotta deal with it
So so sleeping on the ground tonight, I couldn't breathe so I had to release
Wipe the blood from your nose, how come nobody knows how the chorus should go?
Static in the sentence, static in the dirt
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
When I heard you're still alright, I must admit I laughed I cried
You never doubted it, you're so proud of it
All the kids, all the kids these days
Deaf chords, dead ends, Sling set can't meet their demands
Heard you say suicide in your sleep, just get on with it
Stop, you have all that you wanted
You've got a smart best friend, she's okay
Have a heart, have a heart, have a heart
I wanna wanna hang a name on you
It was a Wednesday, I got the kool-aid

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