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Forced Order
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Furthest West Point in the Channel Islands
How many parishes are there in Guernsey?
Who was the tenant of Brecqhou before the Barclay Brothers?
What's the historic name for Green Island
According to myth, why is Herm no longer connected to Jethou?
Which island provided granite for the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral?
Where could an Iodine-from-vraic factory be found until 1927
Which island was described by Victor Hugo as 'a tall opaque mass, a tower of the abyss'
How many police officers are permanently based in Alderney?
To what parish do Les Ecrehous belong?
Which Jerseyman won The Open Championship golf competition 6 times?
Greatest defeat of the Sark Football Team?
First two letters of an Alderney number plate?
The only channel island whose flag is not based on St. George's Cross?
Traditional animal nickname of Alderney?
Traditional animal nickname of Sark?
What's special about Guernsey?

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