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QUIZ: Can you name the correct answer for these questions about the Game of Thrones books ?

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Who helps Arya Stark escape from King's Landing?
Who wrote the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series?
Who does Daenerys Targaryen refer to as 'the Usurper'?
Who shapes himself as the King of the Iron Islands?
Who is the Hand before Eddard Stark?
Who is the biological father of Joffrey Baratheon?
Who was referred to as 'the Greatjon'?
Who was the last Targaryen King?
Who first says the words 'a song of ice and fire' in the books?
Who first says the words 'game of thrones' in the book Game of Thrones?
Who is the maester of Winterfell?
Who is Jon Snow's mother?
Who is known as 'The Imp'?
Who is Catelyn's father?
Who obliges himself to help Sansa Stark escape King's Landing?
Who captures Winterfell with less than 30 men?
What is the name of the green fire that destroys nearly all of Stannis' fleet on the Blackwater River?
What is the name of a Dothraki army?
What is the name of Robb Stark's direwolf?
What is the name of the castle in King's Landing?
What does Mance Rayder call himself?
How many pretenders are there to the Iron Throne?
How many Hands did Kind Aerys have?
How many members are there of the Kingsguard?
In which battle did Jaime Lannister kill Aerys Targaryen?
Before he died, which castle did Renly hold?
Where does Lysa Arryn live with her son Robert?
Where is Jon Snow sent to scout with Qhorin Halfhand?

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