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Gary, I haven't seen you in ages, and you've sure gotten '______!'
If only Johnny could “_______” we would be as one.
Robert wanted to buy a '________', but settled for a blue chevy.
Jane was so '_____' her brother Peter that she kissed and hugged him repeatedly
As an animal rights activist who loved oxen, Dwight refused to '_______'.
Actor Michael took his '______ 'to the asylum for young boys.
Henry David was so sick he had to “________” up.
The southerner exclaimed, 'Why, that Bert, you can never trust him, he's nothing but a ';_____'!'
Is that sexy Renaissance Italian '_____' or a Virgo?
As a boy, the future playwright David said politely to his mother, 'No '______' wasn't me who ate all the cookies!'
Name the CelebrityAnswer
Kitty asked Mr. Lovett, 'Where'd you park the '______?'.
If Laurence lets the ' _______, 'no one will want to eat it.
Matt met both a '________' a Duke at Buckingham Palace.
Ever defiant, Naomi screamed, ''_______' your problem, man?'
Winston, goin’ to “__________” make you a pious man.
Say, Lucy, “_______” Perce still an Indian tribe?
Peter “________” button to power down his computer.
Greg '_______' just fine with his new hearing aid.
In the sci-fi movie, Ronald fired his '_______' at the evil aliens.
Dorothy never did learn to “_______” car straight!

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