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In what state does the episode take place?
What time does George has to meet his parents in front of his building?
Why is George meeting his parents?
What type of Saturday traffic will the gang encounter going back to New York, according to Jerry
What is Kramer carrying around in a large box for the entire episode?
Where does Kramer stash the box?
What is different about Kramer in this episode than almost any other?
Why is George afraid to carry a pen in his pocket?
What is Elaine carrying throughout the episode?
Why do Jerry and George get citations in the garage?
What condition does Jerry claim in his defense?
Where does Jerry allege his father has been for the past 15 years?
When talking to George, who does Kramer mention prefers larger women?
When George talks to the beautiful woman in the garage, who does he mention that offends her dearly?
When the gang finally finds their car, what happens?

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