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Where does Stephen get his clothes from?
What is the main difference between Stephen's and Keith's houses?
What does Keith have in his playroom?
What story does Keith make up about the picture of his parents?
What strange thing does Keith's dad do to Stephen?
Through what is Keith's dad described?
What strange sayings of Keith's dad do we encounter in this Chapter
What phrase describes Barbara Berrill?
Why do people say that Barbara is running wild?
What two phrases does Keith borrow from his dad?
What is Uncle Peter's photo framed in and why?
How does Auntie Dee smile and why?
What job does Keith say his dad has?
Why is the description of Uncle Peter made ironic?
How are Keiths' chickens described and why is it significant?
How does Stephen describe his memory?
What is strange about Stephen's memory?
How is Stephen naive with regards to the war?
How does Stephen describe Auntie Dee?
How does Stephen describe the houses?
How does Stephen Meadowhurst?

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