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What was the first computer you could purchase?
What is the name of Steve Jobs' daughter?
This theoretical machine is self-aware, and operates on equal or superior levels of intelligence of a human
Who made the difference engine and the analytical engine?
The Suan Pan was also known as the
Who built the ENIAC?
What company made most of the supercomputers?
What country was the team Alan Turing lead to crack the Enigma Code?
Alan Turing created what machine to crack the Enigma Code?
Steve Jobs and Steve ________
What year was the transistor invented?
Who invented the Pascaline?
The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was created in which state?
At what college were the Harvard Mark computers made?
Microsoft started by writing BASIC for what computer?
Name both inventors of BASIC
What early computing device was often made of ivory?
Who invented the Stepped Wheeled Calculator?
This Test, designed by Alan Turing, was used to compare machine and human behavior
What company does Paul Allen work for?
Who invented FORTRAN?
Because of a pantent mishandling, this computer wasn't recognized as being the first electronic computer
Who figured out a toy could be used to 'hack' AT&T's long distance service?
Where did the founders of Microsoft go to college?
John von Neumann made what two machines?

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