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Preliminary statement to allow negotiation does not constitute an offer.
Offer for coat was something promised in exchange for clear definite action (which cannot then be changed according to 'house rules').
Price list for wine merely invitation to treat or 'any number of contractual obligations'.
Agreement only exists where the is clear offer mirrored by acceptance.
Offeror is free to withdraw the offer at any time before acceptance takes place unless consideration is provided.
Silence cannot constitute acceptance.
Silence and inaction can constitute acceptance in the US in certain circumstances, where the offeror has every reason to believe the offeree will accept.
Unilateral offers generally cannot be withdrawn once the offeree commenced performance.
To constitute a valid contract, parties must so express themselves that their meaning can be determined with a reasonable degree of certainty.
Requirement of full performance for a unilateral contract is subject to implied obligation on offeror not to prevent the conditions from being satisfied
Advert is offer of unilateral contract if conditions stated are performed. Performance is acceptance in unilateral contract.
An offer runs out after 'reasonable time', dependent on nature and trade customs/practices.
Offer - make clear by words or conduct that they intend to be bound even if other terms yet to be agreed.
Once performance has started, the offeror cannot revoke the offer (e.g. paying mortgage installments).
Mere inquiries will not destory an original offer in the same way as a counter-proposal.
Must be clear intention to be offer rather than invitation to treat.
Words are to be interpreted so subject matter is preserved not destroyed, e.g. if price is still to be agreed on due to variation.
Illegal to sell bramble finches - quashed because invitation to treat in newspaper.
Acceptance can be communicated through conduct, e.g. via continued performance with no objection as to terms.
Flick knife sale illegal - quashed because sign in window is invitation to treat.
If a counter-offer is made, this destroys the original offer.
A lot of money for comparatively little effort implies that the offeror may want to withdraw before conclusion.

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