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god of the Sky, wielded Lightning
ruled the Sea, used the Trident
king of the Underworld, wore the helmet
the vengeful queen of Olympus
goddess of the Harvest, the Earth
the Eldest, Virgin, presided over the Hearth
sprung from Zeus's head
the virgin twin, the Huntress
the other Letoide, the radiant, a sun god
god of War
goddess of beauty
god of thieves, heralds, and diplomacy
the ugly god of the forge
god of wine, pleasure, and festivity
queen of the Underworld, goddess of Spring
Titan tyrant, overthrown by his children
mother of the gods
Titan of the ocean
Titaness of the sea, mother of the rivers
Titan of the West
Titan of light, and the East
Titan of the North, master of the heavenly axis
Titan of the South, the Ram
Titan of foresight, stole fire for mankind
Titan of hindsight
carries the world on his shoulders
mother of Apollo and Artemis
Titaness of the Moon
Titan of the Sun
Titaness of the Dawn
The Sky, castrated by his children
The Earth
The Pitt
The Sea
3 hundred--handed giants
3 one eyed giants
goddess of youth, the cup bearer
the satyr god of nature, mischief
the Rainbow
goddess of Victory
god of sleep
god of dreams
goddess of harmony
god of love

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