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Can you name the DC Heroes Secret Identities?

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real namehero
Bruce Wayne
Clark Kent
Diana Prince
Barry Allen
Hal Jordan
J'onn J'onzz
Arthur Curry
Ralph Dibny
Dinah Laurel Lance
Oliver Queen
Carter Hall
Shiera Sanders
Eel O'Brian
Billy Batson
Karen Starr
Kara Zor-El
Rex Tyler
Jay Garrick
Allan Scott
Ted Grant
Sylvester Pemberton
Pat Dugan
Courtney Whitmore
Ted Knight
Al Pratt
Kent Nelson
Jim Corrigan
Wesley Dodds
Sandy Hawkins
Ray Palmer
John Smith
Jim Harper
Charles McNider
real namehero
Terry Sloan
Buddy Baker
Ted Kord
Michael Jon Carter
Rex Mason
Al Rothstein
Libby Lawrence
Nate Adam
Dick Grayson
Donna Troy
Roy Harper
Garfield Logan
Wally West
Rachel Roth
Victor Stone
Karen Beecher
Tara Markov
Joseph WIlson
Hank Heywood
Michael Holt
Tex Thompson
Jefferson Pierce
Hank Hall
Don Hall
Cindy Reynolds
Mari Jiwi McCabe
Ronnie Raymond
Paco Ramone
Scott Free
Barda Free
Helen Bertinelli
real namehero
Boston Brand
Jim Barr
Barbara Gordon
Johnny Chambers
Cliff Steele
Larry Trainor
Rita Farr
Steve Dayton
Joan Dale
Tora Olafsdotter
Beatriz DeCosta
Maxine Hunkle
Kyle Rayner
Holly Granger
Dawn Granger
M'Gann M'orzz
Conner Kent
Daniel Patrick Cassidy
Rory Regan
Mary Batson
Freddy Freeman
Sir Justin
Greg Saunders
Tom Ludlow Hallaway
Jason Blood
Max Crandall
Richard Grey, Jr.
Darrell Dane
Sandra Knight
Roy Lincoln
John Stewart
John Henry Irons

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