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Can you name the batman villains by real name??

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real name or cluevillain
clown prince of crime
Roman Sionis, obsessed with masks
Dr. Thomas Elliot, surgeon
Julian Day, obsessed with days of the year
soviet gunman, assassin
Sir Edmund Dorrance, runs the Ghost Dragons in Hong Kong
Edward Nigma, obsessed with riddles
Cyrus Gold, born on Monday...
psychiatrist obsessed with fear, Jonathan Crane
Sandra Wu-San, assassin
Jervis Tetch, obsessed with Alice
psychiatrist, gymnast, Joker's girlfriend
Harvey Dent, former district attorney
near immortal, leads the League of Assassins
Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, eco terrorist
Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Basil Karlo, best actor ever?
He broke the bat
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Selina Kyle, thief, burglar
Barton Mathis, frankenstein-like surgeon
real name or cluevillain
Lonnie Makin, teenage anarchist
psychologist, obsessed with the batman
frostbitten crooked investor, Warren White
vampire wears a red hood with a yellow skull and crossbones
Joe Coyne, responsible for the giant penny in the batcave
Doctor, specialist in cryogenics
Charles Brown, sails through the air
the villains' mercenary, Cameron Van Cleer
world famous trapper of jungle cats, Thomas Blake
Waylon Jones has epidermolytic hyperkeratosis
Jekyll and Hyde chemist, hulks out
runs the Black Glove
obsessed with clues, father of the Spoiler
original godfather of the Gotham crime families
serial arsonist Garfield Lynns
serial killer with tally marks
Floyd Lawton, the assassin who never misses
obsessed with Greek mythology
Arnold Wesker and his dummy
Ra's al Ghul's daughter

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