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Forced Order
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When attempting to be distracting, what did Michael Rosen claim to be outside the window?'Michael Becomes Increasingly Explicit'
What did Katy Perry want to look at in Best Buy?'Katy Perry Visits Best Buy To Shove Remote Controls Up Her Ass'
What could switching to Gayco really do?'My Little Porno: Friendship with Benefits'
Reed Hastings spoke with the CEO of which company?'NETFUX Takes a Dump on your Entertainment Center'
James Blunt won't sleep all night because of his ...'James Blunt Exposes His Beautiful Genitalia at a Sandwich Shop'
How many foundation repair companies in North Texas have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau?'No One Needs Foundation Repair'
Who wanted to do it all over again?'No One Needs Foundation Repair'
And how many times in the video did he express this desire?'No One Needs Foundation Repair'
For how long could the Empire Carpet salesman come?'Empire Carpet Sells Prostitutes and Toasters'
When a ball was placed at the front door of the house of (7), to where did it roll?'He's Got the House Completely Covered'
Which Justin Bieber song was playing on Mario's radio?'Train Derails And Hits Justin Bieber'
Which product did Billy Mays endorse in this video?'Ke$ha Gives Too Much Head And Dies In Less Than 3 Minutes'
What aren't you?'R.E.M. Have Said Too Much'
What did the hospital food taste like?'Michael Gets Horny at the Hospital'
'We can __ if we want to, if we don't nobody will.''EVERYTHING'S OUT OF CONTROL!'
What was the name of the owner of cs188electricsex.com?'DIY = (Don't) Do It Yourself'
How unsatisfied was Richard Swiney with the JOJ?'No One Needs Foundation Repair'
What does Billy Mays claim to be able to offer access to?'Billy Mays Promotes Hardcore Drug Addiction'
Which is the favourite among the choices of browsers?'YOUR SINK IS THE BATHROOM'
When was Barbara's mother planning to have a SuS?'We're Looking Into The Future, Chuck'
What program, that came with the family's computer, can be used to surf the internet?'IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGERTITS'
Who did President Obama reveal himself to actually be?'PRESIDENTIAL ELIMINATION DAY'
How can Party Rock be in the house if everybody's outside?'Pooping the Charts Vol. 6 - Potty Rock Aneurysm'
Name one of the three types of available foaming soap.'CAN YOU HANDLE MORE?!?!?!'
According to President Obama, what should go away?'OMABA WIPES UP THE YOUTUBE SH!TDOWN'
Vince Offer wants you to stop spending $100 a year on these.'Vince Gets a Mess Stuck in Your Carpet'
What is Brent Smith afraid that he isn't?'Shinedown Scream About Things on the Edge of a Cliff'
What is PSY going to upgrade today?'OPPA GODDAMN STYLE'

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