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One of The Beatles' early songs which John wrote to his wife Cynthia Powell at the time. John let Harrison sing this song on the record.Please Please Me
A Lennon/McCartney song which was written about a place people can go in there minds.Please Please Me
The first song The Beatles recorded that was written by Harrison. Harrison wrote this song while he was sick in bed and didn't want anyone to disturb him.With The Beatles
A Lennon/McCartney song that tells a story of a boy who loves a girl that loves another boy.Beatles For Sale
Lennon wrote this song because he felt overweight and overwhelmed by their celebrity.Help!
Paul's attempt to write a bluegrass song that he would play at family get together before.Help!
The first Beatles song that wasn't about love or women. This song was written by John because of his deficiency in his belief in himself to finish uncompleted songs.Rubber Soul
A powerful Lennon song about John's childhood memories.Rubber Soul
A Harrison song that's about the frustrations of having something to say but not knowing how to say it.Revolver
A song that John wrote to give a sign of things to come. This song truly shows the transition between the use of simple instrumentation and experiments with the music.Revolver
John wrote this song after his son Julian came home from school with a painting of __________________.Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
John wrote this song after hearing about a school that made the children analyze Beatles songs. He wrote this song to throw the teachers off as this song makes no sense.Magical Mystery Tour
The inspiration of this song came from a local Salvation Army orphanage in Liverpool where John could explore his imagination as a boy. Considered to be the greatest pop song ever.Magical Mystery Tour
Harrison wrote this song which came from his frustration of The Beatles separating into their own paths.The Beatles [White Album]
Harrison wrote this song about Eric Clapton who was a chocoholic.The Beatles [White Album]
This song was written by George and was inspired by his love of the sun. At one point, the time signature in this song goes from 4/4 to 7/8 to 11/8.Abbey Road
Paul wrote this song which was inspired by a true story where a crazed fan broke into McCartney's house.Abbey Road
The last Lennon/McCartney song ever written. Came from McCartney's unfinished song called 'I've Got A Feeling' and Johns ballad he was writing called 'Everybody Had A Hard Year'Let It Be

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