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In 1999 Vitor Belfort lost his PRIDE debut to what fighter?
Who was the first 'Ultimate Fighter' winner to be cut from the UFC?
What beer did Brock Lesnar say he was going to drink after his win at UFC 100?
Who was the second 'Ultimate Fighter' winner to be cut from the UFC?
How many Gracie's fought at the first PRIDE Bushido event?
What former UFC champion publicly admitted to wearing his UFC belt while sleeping with a woman?
What fighter was recently caught on video teaching someone a lesson for hitting a woman?
Tito Ortiz has only one win resulting from a submission hold. What hold was it?
Who is first of only two fighters to submit Kazushi Sakuraba?
and how many years was it before he was submitted again?
What UFC tournament champion spoiled the professional MMA debut of Wes Sims?
The first two UFC events were held in Colorado. What state was UFC 3 held in?
What TUF 12 contestant won nine straight fights in the first round by guillotine choke before entering the competition?
How many fights did Wanderlei Silva have in PRIDE?
What Japanese pro-wrestler and mixed martial artist is known for slapping people to give them a stronger fighting spirit?
Who is the only WEC middleweight champion to successfully defended the belt?
What movie does Jacob 'Christmas' Volkmann's nickname come from?
He also holds a job as a licensed...
In their first night as professional mixed martial artists Evan Tanner gave what UFC heavyweight title contender their first loss by way of rear-naked choke?
What boxer was Din Thomas supposed to fight?
While still in school Bas Rutten was often ridiculed due in part to what skin condition?
Who gave Georges St. Pierre his first loss?
Who did Tito Ortiz beat to win the UFC light heavyweight title?
Kenny Florian, Dana White, and Forrest Griffin appeared on what talk show to discourage kids from organizing a 'classroom fight club'?
How many times has the UFC heavyweight title been stripped or vacated?
Who was the first person to take Fedor Emelianenko to a decision in MMA?
What PRIDE fighter was a crowd favorite despite getting only one win in his first nine fights?
Kazushi Sakuraba has eight wins using what submission hold?
What UFC tournament winner is playable as a legend in UFC Undisputed 2010 as a heavyweight?
Who welcomed Frank Mir back to the UFC with a stoppage due to strikes?
What was the the UFC's actual 100th event?
How many fights did Royce Gracie win at UFC 2?
Who lost the first UFC light heavyweight title fight?
Since 2002 there have been 17 light heavyweight title fights. How many took place outside of Las Vegas?
Drew Fickett was on what coutroom television show?
What armless, legless wrestler reached a personal goal when he made his MMA debut in 2009?
Dan Miller was the middleweight champion in what organization?
Who was the UFC's only bantamweight champion?
At UFC 57 Randy Couture slipped on a logo right before being KOed by Chuck Liddell. What company was the logo for?
Who holds the UFC record for fastest submission despite the win being somewhat tainted?
Who won the main event of the first PRIDE Bushido event?
Kurt Pellegrino made his professional MMA debut in 2002 for what organization?
What NFL team was Brock Lesnar briefly a part of?
Who was the first person in PRIDE to beat Wanderlei Silva that was in his weightclass?
In what movie did Roger Huerta make his acting debut?
What PRIDE and UFC veteran made his own double rainbow video?
Who does Bas Rutten knock down in a special feature on the Smashing Machine DVD?
What did Wanderlei Silva name his son?
Who was the first WEC heavyweight champion? (He gave up the belt when he dropped to lightheavyweight and entered the UFC)
After Evan Tanner lost to David Loiseau what team did he state he would officially become a member of?
What event was the Leben vs. Bisping fight suposed to headline?
The fight was pushed back because Leben had to serve prison time for what crime?
Who gave WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo his only loss?
In Megumi Fujii's undefeated 22 fight career how many people forced a decision?
Who was the last person to beat Antonio McKee?
and what year did this loss happen?
Who has the most title defenses in the UFC's 205 lb. division?
Who won the superfight at the first IFL event?
There is only one WEC weightclass that has seen each man to hold the belt enter the UFC. What is that weightclass?
In 2002 who defeated Travis Lutter by tko at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts?
Where did UFC 8 take place?
How many fighters on the Affliction - Banned card have fought for a UFC title?
Eddie Alvarez lost by TKO to what fighter?
Who won the last fight in the IFL?
Matt Horwich has been middleweight champion in how many organizations?

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