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Who was the tallest fighter to compete in the UFC?
At what PRIDE event did Rogerio do the walk out for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira because Rodrigo was late getting to the arena?
What fighter famously wore one boxing glove into the octagon?
In what fighting organization did Fedor Emelianenko recieve the first loss on his record?
Who won the UFC's only superheavyweight fight?
and who lost that fight?
Who gave Randy Couture his first loss as an MMA pro?
David 'Tank' Abbott has lost four fights in a row twice in his career. What is his longest winning streak?
What MMA fighter is missing his right pectoral muscle?
Who was the first person Chuck Liddell knocked out in an MMA fight?
For what crime did Aleksander Emelianenko serve time in prison?
Name the fighter who's only two losses are to Shinya Aoki and Nick Thompson
How long did it take Rumina Sato to beat Charles Diaz by flying armbar?
What fighter was arrested on several charges including hit and run and operating a vehicle while intoxicated and has lost to both Diaz Brothers?
What movie did Chuck Liddell have a role in when he was 12 years old?
Who was the first person to beat Urijah Faber?
What is Fedor Emelianenko's longest fight streak without a loss?
What former UFC champion did Lyoto Machida beat in 2005?
At what UFC event were weight classes introduced?
What is the real last name of the fighter known as Zulu? (he fought Rickson Gracie in 1980)
Rickson Gracie won in the main event of PRIDE 1. Which other Gracie family member fought at that event?
Who won the first ever fight in the UFC?
What current UFC fighter cheated in a bout with Kazushi Sakuraba by applying lotion to his skin?
The fighter David Jason Frank starred on what tv show?
Forrest Griffin's only (T)KO win in the UFC came against which fighter?
What is Bas Rutten's first name?
What UFC fighter won the super heavyweight Chicago Golden Gloves title in 2002 and 2004?
What fighter reportedly knocked out Tito Ortiz in an altercation outside a bar?
Ken and Frank Shamrock both have how many wins from KO or TKO?
Who was the first MMA fighter to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine?
In 2004 who trash talked their way into a fight with Hermes Franca, who received $1 for the fight?
In what year did Wanderlei Silva make his professional MMA debut?
The song Kublai Khan by Jedi Mind Tricks makes a reference to what MMA pioneer?
What is BJ Penn's first name?
Renzo Gracie kicked Nate Marquardt right after Nate's fight with:
Oleg Taktarov fought a boxing match against which 'Expendables' actor?
Who had the longest reach to ever fight in the UFC?
How long were the intermissions between rounds in PRIDE Bushido events?
How many fights did Gegard Mousasi have in PRIDE?
Renato 'Babalu' Sobral beat Trevor Prangly and Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua to meet what fighter in the finals of the tournament at IFC - Global Domination?
At that same event Babalu's last opponent knocked out what former UFC champion with a head kick?
Name one of the two people that Vitor Belfort has beaten by submission.
Michael Bisping was born in what country?
Known for his elaborate ring entrances what Japanese fighter has fought in Shooto, Pancrase, PRIDE, UFC, Sengoku, and K-1?
While on the show Blind Date Tim Sylvia ordered what alcoholic drink?
Tim Sylvia knocked out two other fighters that appeared on Blind Date. Name one.
What pro fighter became angry when he was knocked down on Bully Beatdown and illegally kicked the 'bully' in the head?
Who was the first person to knock out Andrei Arlovski in MMA?
At what UFC event did Randy Couture first beat Vitor Belfort?
Wanderlei Silva's 'Wand Fight Team' has one other fighter in the UFC. Name this fighter.
What TUF alum took Stephan Bonnar, Lyoto Machida, and Rashad Evans to decision but was stopped by Vernon White?
Name the Japanese fighter that goes by the nickname 'the punk.'
At what even did Georges St. Pierre make his UFC debut?
Who fought Matt Serra at UFC 48 - Payback?
Before going on TUF Court McGee had fought all but one of his fights in which state?
What PRIDE and UFC veteran played one of the zombies in 'Zombieland'?
What heavyweight was named the 2005 Pac-10 Conference Wrestler of the Year?
What school did Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson flunk out of when he failed to attend classes?
What did Karo Parisyan test positive for following his fight with Dong Hyun Kim?
What fighter had a role in the first Austin Powers movie and is now facing 275 years in jail for various crimes?
Who gave Takanori Gomi his only official loss in PRIDE?
How many fights has Shonie Carter won in his last nine fights?
What fighter was kicked off his Ultimate Fighter team when he refused to listen to his coach during his fight?
What food does Roy Nelson ask for after beating Kimbo Slice on TUF?
Who was the first woman referee in the UFC?

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