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What female fighter is undefeated after 21 fights?
What fighter defeated David 'Tank' Abbott at UFC 17.5 - Ultimate Brazil in his promotional debut?
How many fights did Evan Tanner win by submission?
Who did Fedor Emelianenko defeat in his first fight in PRIDE FC?
What former UFC champion starred in the movie 'Cyborg Soldier'?
What fighter lost the first two WEC lightweight title fights?
How many fights did Sergei Kharitonov have on his record before debuting in PRIDE FC?
and they took place on a total of how many nights?
What was Gina Carano's nickname on American Gladiators?
Teila Tuli fought his only MMA fight at what UFC event?
and what major motion picture did he have a speaking role in?
What is the real name of the fighter known as Butterbean?
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou's first loss was to what fighter?
What team won the first two IFL championships? City or team name both accepted
What fighter was able to stop Yoshihiro Akiyama but fought to a draw against Bob Sapp?
Who was the first TUF alum to fight for a UFC title?
What former UFC champion has lost 10 of his last 13 fights?
Who was the first WEC lightweight champion to successfully defend his belt?
Charles 'Krazy Horse' Bennett has claimed his only method of working out was to:
At what event did Matt Hughes make his UFC debut?
Bruce Buffer is world ranked as a professional...
Name a former UFC fighter that has over 50 submission wins on his record
Takanori Gomi was one of 2 Japanese fighters to win a PRIDE FC tournament. Name the other.
What former UFC fighter has fought in 4 different weightclasses?
Who did Kazushi Sakuraba defeat in his first fight in PRIDE FC?
and how many times did Sakuraba fight in PRIDE?
Rich Franklin taught math at what school?
Who was the final IFL featherweight champion?
What UFC welterweight is known as the barn cat?
Mark Coleman 'lost' to what Japanese fighter in a fight that was known to be fixed?
What Olympic medal winner and MMA fighter has reportedly avoided showering to gain an advantage by smelling bad?
What former UFC champion was a guest star on The Simpsons?
Which former WEC lightweight champion retired in January 2010?
Who lost a controversial decision to Fedor Emelianenko in RINGS?
Who was Bas Rutten supposed to fight in 2006 before they tested positive for the steroid stanozolol?
What fighter allegedly agreed to throw a 'shoot fight' in the pro wrestling organization ECW in return for oral sex from Missy Hyatt (who did not follow through with the agreement)
Alistair Overeem credits his massive muscle gain to what type of meat?
Who was the oldest person to compete in the UFC?
What fighter and pornography actor is currently serving prison time?
Who was the first person to beat Wanderlei Silva in PRIDE?
What is Shogun Rua's first name?
At UFC 43 - Meltdown Vitor Belfort won a fight and gave his opponent one of the nastiest cuts in UFC history. Who was the recipient of that cut?
Carlos Newton was the coach for what Toronto based IFL team?
What former UFC champion has one blue eye and one brown eye?
Where did Stephan Bonnar get married?
What fighter's nose was badly broken in a fight to get into the house on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz?
In the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Jorge Gurgel is furious when coach Rich Franklin forfeits what challenge?
What submission hold did Randy Couture's son Ryan use to win his professional MMA debut?
What UFC event saw Pete Williams KO Mark Coleman with a head kick?
Williams went on to fight 7 times in the UFC after that. How many of those fights did he win?
Bas Rutten was born in what year of the Chinese zodiac?
How does Marge Simpson win her MMA fight in season 21 of the Simpsons?
What song did Chris Leben walk out to for his fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama?
Who gave Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic his first loss in MMA?
What year was BJ Penn awarded his black belt in BJJ?
Chael Sonnen recently dropped out of a political race for a spot in Oregon's:
Joe Rogan made his first appearance at what UFC event?
Vitor Belfort lost his PRIDE debut to what fighter?
In his first 3 fights Heath Herring split a pair of fights against what former UFC title holder?
What is the anti-terrorist unit Mirko Filipović was a member of?
What position did Fedor Emelianenko hold in the Russian Army?
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou was born in what African country?
On the fourth season of TUF Edwin Dewees was badly cut by what fighter?
What fighter that lost to Keith Jardine at UFC 57 has only lost twice since that 2006 bout?
According to his website what former UFC welterweight title contender has seven brothers?

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