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What fighter was Dana White supposed to box on Spike TV?
Who is the only person to beat Cung Le?
What year did Frank Shamrock last win a fight?
and what fighter did he beat?
What fighter claims to have over 400 wins in different combat sports?
Who got kicked off the 5th season of TUF for not making weight?
What was one of his unusual methods for cutting weight?
Who was the first UFC middleweight champion at 185 pounds?
The UFC 24 main event winner shares a name with which Red Sox great?
Diego Sanchez and Stephen Bonnar argue over what vegetable in the second episode of TUF?
What WEC Bantamweight has gone on two win streaks over 15 fights?
Nick Diaz forced Takanori Gomi to tap out to what submission hold?
This heavyweight has two wins with that same submission
Known as the Ironman this fighter has over 200 fights
Who did Bas Rutten beat in his last fight?
What UFC tournament winner has a role in the movie Predators?
Who did Forrest Griffin fight in his pro debut?
Renato 'Babalu' Sobral was the first man to beat what PRIDE and UFC star?
Mark Coleman rode a giant banana in an ad for what produce company?
What fighter is also a member of Batalhão de Operações Especiais, a Brazilian special police force?
UFC 1 was held in what city?
Who was the first person to stop one of the Nogueira brothers?
What UFC fighter has 4 fight of the night, 1 KO of the night, and 2 submission of the night awards?
Bas Rutten had a staring role in what 2004 movie?
What former UFC fighter also had a role in that movie?
Chuck Liddell's first UFC main event appearance was at what event?
What fighter walked to the ring dressed as Super Mario?
What pair of brothers both lost their fights at UFC 108 - Evans vs. Silva?
What fighter was convicted for his role in a robbery worth over $82 million?
UFC 1 was going to involve what animal?
If the Fertitta brothers are deadlocked on an issue they will settle it using what?
What former MLB star lost his only MMA fight to date?
Name a fighter that made a guest appearance on The Jerry Springer Show?
What TUF alum refereed the fight between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami?
What is the real first name of Tito Ortiz?
At UFC 59 two fighters that are now deceased fought each other. What is the name of the winner?
and the loser?
Who won the PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix in 2006?
Who was the first fighter to be stopped in a UFC lightweight title fight?
How many UFC divisional champions have there been to date?
At what event did Jeremy Horn make his UFC debut?
Eric 'Butterbean' Esch has how many wins by submission?
What TUF alum fought at the first 6 Ultimate Fight Night events?
Who won the 'lightweight' tournament at UFC 13 - The Ultimate Force?
What Japanese fighter lost to Rickson Gracie at the first PRIDE event?
What current UFC fighter has won 9 fights by decision in the octagon?
What fighter that lost to Chris Lytle at UFC 49 - Unfinished Business lost his last 10 fights?
What fighter is better known as 'The Korean Zombie'?
C.B. Dollaway defeated Jesse Taylor at UFC Fight Night 14 with what submission?
PRIDE FC was founded in Japan in what year?
Who were the first twins to compete in the UFC?
Who were the second twins to compete in the UFC?
Name one of the only two fighters to win a UFC and PRIDE tournament?
3 out of 4 losses on Bas Rutten's record are to a fighter with this last name
What Canadian middleweight's UFC debut was at lightheavyweight against a former title holder?
All three fighters to submit Dan Henderson fight for what team?
What Japanese fighter's father disowned him when he dropped out of highschool?
Who was the first fighter to die from injuries sustained in a sanctioned MMA bout in North America?
What year did the last UFC tournament take place?
What is Randy Couture's longest winning streak?
What fighter that never fought in PRIDE or the UFC has wins and losses over both Shamrocks and Bas Rutten?
What vegan fighter was a sponsored skateboarder and an accomplished photographer?
What fighter had the most fights in PRIDE FC?
Don Frye has a role in what movie starring Johnny Depp?
What year did Andrei Arlovski win the European Youth Sambo Championship?

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