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What former UFC champion has an albino son?
What company put out a viral video starring Chuck Liddell working out in the nude?
Who was the first person to beat one of the Nogueira brothers in an MMA fight?
At the UFC Fan Expo in Boston what judge/referee did Herb Dean say he would most like to fight?
What former UFC heavyweight champion has a losing record of 12-13?
Ivan Menjivar is the pride of what?
What UFC fighter has the most wins without becoming champion?
What former MMA fighter recently broke out of an insane asylum?
What year did Antonio Rogerio Nogueira make his professional MMA debut?
What former UFC title contender was shot and killed by his step-father on Christmas in 2008?
What is Frank Mir's real first name?
What country was Trevor Prangley born in?
Who was Patrick Cote filling in for at UFC 50?
Two UFC 71 opponents will appear on the Shark Fights 13 card. Who won the UFC fight?
And who lost?
How many UFC fights in a row did Matt Hughes win before his title shot against Carlos Newton?
What former UFC fighter made a guest appearance on the tv show King of Queens and was part of the VH1 show Kept?
What country was Gary Goodridge born in?
Diego Sanchez follows the teachings of what famous self-help guru?
How did Ken Shamrock win his first UFC fight?
Nick Diaz has held welterweight titles in Strikeforce, WEC, and what other organization?
What fighter did Brock Lesnar make his MMA debut against?
What country was Fedor Emelianenko born in?
and what city does he live in now?
What UFC 7 fighter's first fight was in 1984 against Fernando Pinduka?
What nationality is Mike Goldberg's wife?
What 6'9' lightweight fighter died due to injuries suffered in his first professional MMA bout?
How did Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson lose to Daijiro Matsui?
At what event did we see the 'Buffer 360'?
Sakuraba was a replacement for what fellow pro wrestler at UFC 15.5 - Ultimate Japan 1?
What former UFC heavyweight was on the first season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew?
What year did King of the Cage hold their first event?
Who was the first person to take Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua to decision?
What TUF 1 alum won their first four fights in a total of exactly 6 minutes?
What is the name of Jeremy Horn's gym in Utah?
Who gave Heath Herring his first professional MMA loss?
Frank Shamrock fought at which WEC event?
Nick Diaz last fought in the UFC in 2006. Who did he fight?
Gabe Ruediger was recently seen in a video holding focus mits for what female celebrity?
At Strikeforce - Challengers 4 undefeated fighter Shane Del Rosario beat Brandon Cash using what submission hold?
What fighter had a cameo in Grand Theft Auto IV?
What nationality are Kenny Florian's parents?
What fighter has fought in trilogies against Ken Shamrock, Vernon White, Semmy Schilt, and Yuki Kondo?
How many UFC title fights has Chuck Liddell won by (T)KO?
Renato 'Babalu' Sobral was cut from the UFC after continuing to choke what fighter while the referee was attempting to stop the fight?
Tito Ortiz made his professional MMA and UFC debut at what UFC event?
After dislocating the elbow of Razak Al-Hassan who said they had 'always wanted to do that'?
'Big' John McCarthy was a police officer in what city?
Tim Sylvia tested positive for steroids after beating what fighter?
What is Rumina Sato's nickname?
Bruce Buffer got into a scuffle with what former UFC title contender in an elevator?
Rich Franklin has beaten Wanderlei Silva in MMA and what other 'sport'?
Kurt Pellegrino's first professional MMA fight saw him beat what TUF winner?
Josh Barnett's third failed drug test is widely believed to have brought down what MMA organization?
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson beat what fighter in his only WFA fight?
David Loiseau has one of the UFC's most dynamic finishes against what fighter?
Wanderlei Silva has three wins by submission. Two from strikes and one from a submission hold. Name the hold.
Better known as Al Bundy, Ed O'Neill has a black belt in BJJ under what teacher?
What is Shonie Carter's real name?
Before competing in MMA and kickboxing Gary Goodridge was a world champion in what sport?
What former presidential candidate played a large role in getting MMA banned in many states?
Who gave Stephan Bonnar his first professional MMA loss?
Murilo 'Ninja' Rua was the first ever middleweight champion of what MMA organization?
Who is the only person to submit Renato 'Babalu' Sobral?
What former UFC champion did Matt Hughes beat in his fourth professional MMA fight?

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