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Can you name all 4-letter words that can't be turned into another word by changing one letter?

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A small shelter or cave
A cutting tool with a perpendicular blade
A pirate's greeting
Out of control; frenzied
An egyptian symbol for life
A greenish-blue, watery color
An alcoholic beverage from the Middle East
The spore sacs of some fungi
For ____ lang syne, my dear
An alternate spelling of djinn
Recedes, as the tide does
A color similar to beige
Pertaining to school grades 1 through 12
A pond turtle
One of the seven deadly sins
A type of fencing sword
A biblical unit of dry volume; about 22 liters
To catch sight of; to see from a distance
A portable container for heating liquids
Bad, malevolent, ill-intentioned
A test or inspection
A public exhibition
Full of uncertainty; dubious
An alternate spelling of igloo
An Islamic religious leader
A call used to encourage hunting hounds
A song of praise or worship
An unusual bird native to New Caledonia
A reckless driver or coachman
Games (a French loanword)
A Russian log hut
Beliefs, usually social or political
A fuzzy, flightless bird or fruit
An alternate spelling of click
A mold used in Japanese fermentation
A brimless West African hat
A historical currency of Angola
A short-tailed wildcat
A strong smell
An Old Irish alphabet
Units of electrical resistance
One single time
A surgical term for bones
The female reproductive cell of animals
Archaic word for ox
A round, flat bread from Central and South Asia
A sound expressing a sudden ending or contempt
A knee-bend in ballet
An aggressive, predatory seabird
A Scottish term for a type of onion
A goatlike mammal native to Asia
Sounds of disgust or annoyance
A Scottish word meaning 'over there'
A stronge desire; or insistent suggestion
A flightless bird of New Zealand; aka woodhen
A type of Indian cattle
Pertaining to animals or animal life

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