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What is Sheldon's mother called?
What day is Oatmeal Day?
Which Sci-Fi series does Sheldon hate that Leonard loves?
At what time did the guys arrive at Penny's for the Halloween party?
Who lost their virginity to their cousin Jeanie?
What drink is Raj drinking when he realises he can talk to woman?
Where are Sheldon and Leonard when we first meet them?
What does Sheldon get people to sing to him when he's ill?
What did Howard and Bernadette have in common which made them get along on their first date?
Who says:''see a penny pick her up and all the day you'll have good luck''?
What food did Penny have in her hair after she was hooked on World Of Warcraft?
What one word does Penny say to mess up the second date between her and Stewart?
When Leonard, Howard and Ra go camping, who says they would be the rabbit king?
What apartment do Sheldon and Leonard live in?
When Sheldon's sister comes to visit, which of the friends is she attracted to?
Where did Raj want to rent the car from after Leonard's car was stolen during their Star Trek photo shoot?
What speech disability does Barry Kripke suffer from?
What does Penny make Sheldon and Leonard go and collect from her ex boyfriend?
What does Penny's boyfriend Zack think might happen to the moon when the guys fire a laser at it?
What (according to Leonard) are his and Penny's babies going to be?

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