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Can you name the Information about Jenny Calendar?

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Forced Order
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Real Namen/a
First Appearance (Episode)n/a
Last Appearance (As Living)n/a
Number of episodesn/a
Love Interestn/a
Occupation 1 (in Sunnydale High)n/a
Occupation 2 (in the Magical World)n/a
Who Kills Jenny?Passion
What is the first demon Jenny faces with the Scooby Gang?I, Robot... You, Jane
Where do Jenny and Giles go for their first date?Some Assembly Required
Which Scooby does Jenny develop a mentor relationship with?n/a
Which vampire impersonates Jenny?Becoming (Part 2)
Which other big bad impersonates Jenny?Ammends
Who is Jenny kidnapped alongside in the opening of season 2?When She Was Bad
Where does Jenny take Giles on their mystery date?Lie to Me
Which Scooby does Jenny develop an 'enchanted' attraction to?Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
Which demon possess Jenny after killing Giles' friends?The Dark Age
Which relative of Jenny's is killed leading up to her death?Innocence
What name is Jenny buried under?Passion

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