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Can you name the jthm, squee,and invader zim chacters

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can you name all the jhonen chactersAnswer
the loveable maniac
beats the crap out of jhonny
the homeless love him
seeing as your my besest friend in the room im nny
devis friend
has her own side series
the voice of reason
the voices in nnys head
the cockroach
nnys bigest 'fan'
i have to keep the wall wet
come in after the other voices leave
ruler of hell
'i should start runing laps'
senor deablos son
likes to yell
why is his head so big
vampire piggy champion
what dose the g stand for?
can you name all the jhonen chactersAnswer
zim ruiend her life for a snack
zims best friend
taks sidekick
the teacher
mass destroction machiean (i know i spelt it wrong)
girs tea party friend
purple head class mate
trama sponge
you dont pay me at all
pizza hog
shorter than zim
The leader of the Resisty
zims 'parents'
zims defence often drag dib away
leader of earth
dont worry one day well catch the fang
gazs teacher
dibs secret network
gazs enemy

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