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The apparent brightness of a star if it were viewed from a distance of 10 parsecs; used to compare the true brightness of stars (2 words)
A star that has exhausted most or all of its nuclear fuel and has collapsed to a very small size; believed to be near its final stage of evolution (2 words)
Changes in the spectra of galaxies that indicate they are moving away from the Milky Way as the result of the expansion of space (3 words)
The theory that proposes that the universe originated as a single mass, which subsequently exploded (3 words)
A massive star that has collapsed to such a small volume that its gravity prevents the escape of all radiation (2 words)
A cloud of interstellar gas and/or dust
Relates the distance to a galaxy and its velocity (2 words)
A star of extremely high density composed entirely of neutrons (2 words)
Groups of gravitationally bound galaxies that sometimes contain thousands of galaxies (2 words)
Extremely dense solar material caused by electrons being displaced inward towards an atom’s nucleus (2 words)
A very large star of high luminosity
A cloud of interstellar dust that obscures the light of more distant stars and appears as an opaque curtain (2 words)
Dust and gas found between stars (2 words)
A cloud of glowing gas excited by ultraviolet radiation from hot stars (2 words)
A flattened, rotating galaxy with pinwheel-like arms of interstellar material and young stars winding out from its own nucleus (2 words)
The nuclear reaction in which hydrogen nuclei are fused into helium (2 words)
A shell of incandescent gas expanding from a star (2 words)
The cluster of 20 or so galaxies to which our galaxy belongs (2 words)
A collapsing cloud of gas and dust destined to become a star
A sequence of stars on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, containing the majority of stars, which runs diagonally from the upper left to the lower right (2 words)
A galaxy that is round or elliptical in outline; it contains little gas and dust, no disks or spiral arms, and few hot, bright stars (2 words)
An exploding star that increases in brightness many thousands of times
The distance light travels in a year; about 6 trillion miles (2 words)
Red giants that overshoot equilibrium then alternately expand and contract (2 words)
A galaxy that lacks symmetry (2 words)
A galaxy having straight arms extending from its nucleus (3 words)
A variable radio source of small size that emits radio pulses in very irregular periods
A large, cool star of high luminosity; a star occupying the upper-right portion of the H-R diagram (2 words)
A plot of stars according to their absolute magnitudes and spectral types (2 words)
A gaseous nebula that derives its visible light from the fluorescence of ultraviolet light from a star in or near the nebula (2 words)
Undetected matter that is thought to exist in great quantities in the universe (2 lockers)
A very small galaxy, usually elliptical and lacking spiral arms (2 words)
A relatively dense dust cloud in interstellar space that is illuminated by starlight (2 words)
The study of the universe, including its properties, structure, and evolution

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