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➊ Elemental beginning ➊
Fodder made from dried grass
Informal greeting
➋ Elemental abbrev. ➋
Prevents cloth from unraveling
Masculine pronoun
Batter's success
➌ Elemental beginning ➌
He had a salty wife
Polka partner
Hawaiian bounty hunter
Swampy region
Humbly request charity
➍ Elemental beginning ➍
➎ Elemental beginning ➎
A lawyer must have passed it
➏ Elemental beginning ➏
Schrödinger animal
Flying mammal
Quarter of a nibble
➐ Elemental beginning ➐
Slave rebellion leader Turner
Yea alternative
Style of doing something
Z's predecessors?
➑ Elemental beginning ➑
Possible tic-tac-toe row
Found on la bandera de California
American troop entertainer
Four-stringed guitar
Manage with difficulty
Shakespeare's before
Discontinued Palm phone
Meddle in one's affairs
Ride in a zeppelin
➒ Elemental beginning ➒
NES game ___ ___ Land
Hypochlorite ion
Company commander
➓ Elemental beginning ➓

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