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Can you name the following people whose initials together form a pangram?

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Alternative rock singer, Most well known for a least ironic songAM
Born in the USSR, Yet became the first Russian presidentBY
Confined to a wheelchair, X-Men leaderCX
Daddy Bush's VP, Quirky speechmakerDQ
English comedian, In the flying circusEI
General for the allies, Presided during WWIIGP
Just another author, Until he wrote Rabbit, RunJU
Keeps starring in movies, Really popular as NeoKR
Less of a playboy, Far more of a hustlerLF
Native of Salem, He wrote The Scarlet LetterNH
South Korean heritage, Operates on people in Grey's AnatomySO
Vowels and consonants are behind her, Wheel and contestants in frontVW
Zealous US president, Term ended by deathZT

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