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Can you name the various facts about the 21st president of the USA?

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Political Party
Served as vice-president under...
Ethnic heritage
State he was born in
State he grew up in and lived most of his life
Obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at this college
This was his primary occupation for most of his career
Served as this position in the Civil War
Was appointed by Ulysses Grant to this post, which he held from 1871-78
Was a member of this faction of his political party
Became president in this year
His presidency is mostly remembered for this civil service reform act
He helped reduce the severity of this racist immigration act passed by Congress
During his presidency, the U.S. became the first Western nation to establish diplomatic relations with...
This notable conference was held in 1884 in Washington at Arthur's behest
The two notable concepts still used today that came from this conference (only one answer necessary):
Arthur suffered from this fatal disease
Arthur's Vice-president
Arthur's Secretary of State
The man who succeeded Arthur as president
Arthur's beloved wife
Arthur's nickname
Arthur left the presidency in this year
The city where Arthur lived most of his life and later died
Did Arthur have the most bad-ass facial hair of all time?

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