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runs through my veins like a long black river and rattles my cage like a thunderstorm
Funny how my mind counts each day by the times I've thought of you
I uesd to be sad now I'm just bored with you
Buy a pretty dress, wear it out tonight
whispers in an all night bar
people are shouting, people are freaking
When I was a child I ran until the creek became a river
Hi, Hello, It's me again don't worry I'll talk slow
I make these promises but all my promises hurt
The change is happening and I'm almost gone
I'm always late you know, late and never ready
I ain't got no money don't want no more
Broken bluesy whisper sing to me tonight
I'm nothing now without you, yeah I'm less than nothing now
That you run and never tire
27 years of nothing but failures
Like monsters underneath your bed you ain't afraid of yet
If the honey makes you sick, honey, there is a line
Rivers of poison that surround us on a island full of...
From a million years of lying and getting drunk

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