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QUIZ: Can you name the word that completes the title of a work from the Queen of Crime?

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TitleMissing Word
The Mysterious ______ at Styles
Murder on the ______ Express
The ____ in the Library
Passenger to _________
_________ can Remember
A Pocket Full of ___
Cat Among the _______
A Murder is _________
___ Cypress
____ Under the Sun
Towards ____
Sparkling _______
Ten Little _______
N or _?
The Mystery of the ____ Train
4:50 from __________
Endless _____
Sleeping ______
Lord _______ Dies
Why Didn't They Ask _____?
___________ with Death
The __________ Mr. Quin
They Do It With _______
Witness for the ___________
At ________ Hotel
_______ Dickory Dock
The Moving _____
Murder is ____
Dead Man's _____
Death on the ____
TitleMissing Word
The ____ Horse
By the ________ of My Thumbs
They Came to _______
_____ Girl
Murder in ___________
Mrs. ________ Dead
Ordeal by __________
One, Two, ______ My Shoe
Crooked _____
_____ at End House
The Seven _____ Mystery
Death Comes as the ___
The Murder of _____ Ackroyd
The Big ____
____ on the Table
____ Witness
The Mirror _______ From Side to Side
Postern of ____
Three _____ Mice
After the _______
Five Little ____
___________ Unknown
______ Adversary
The Man in the _____ Suit
The Secret of ________
Taken at the _____
Hallowe'en _____
The _______ of Hercules
Three Act _______
______ Pyne Investigates

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