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QUIZ: Can you name the '50s film from the various clues?

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Elwood P. Dowd is a genial man whose best friend is a 6'3' invisible rabbit1950
'Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!'1950
'All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.'1950
Psychopath has mind to 'swap murders' with tennis player1951
Canadian boat captain and British missionary take on Germans in WWI East Africa1951
Alien comes to Earth with anti-nuclear warning1951
Lavish musical of war vet remaining in France to pursue painting1951
Neurotic Southern belle arrives at her sister's place in New Orleans1951
Production company faces difficulties moving from silent to talking pictures1952
Circus spectacle of epic proportions1952
Marshal Will Kane anxiously awaits the arrival of Frank Miller1952
Royal princess has romantic fling with an American reporter in Italy1953
A traitor appears to be dealing with the Germans at a WWII POW camp1953
Mark Antony, Brutus, Cassius1953
Oscar winner for Best Special Effects based on 1898 H.G. Wells novel1953
Army life in Hawaii in the days before Pearl Harbor attack1953
Effects of atomic radiation = Creation of giant lizard that terrorizes Tokyo1954,1956
'I coulda been a contender.'1954
Captain Queeg's authority is relieved during violent storm at sea1954
Japanese village hires warriors to fight off bandits1954
Man's scheme to have his wealthy wife murdered doesn't go as planned1954
Wheelchair-bound photographer suspects possible murder while peering through binoculars1954
Three castaways are picked up by Captain Nemo's advanced submarine1954
'One-armed' war veteran searching for Japanese-American is not welcomed by folks of isolated town1955
Marilyn Monroe stands on subway grate with billowing skirt1955
Study of troubled teenagers with James Dean, Sal Mineo, and Natalie Wood1955
Serial-killing preacher seeks location of cell mate's stolen money1955
Teacher at an inner-city high school deals with unruly students1955
Animated romance between a prim cocker spaniel and a stray schnauzer1956
Two men spend years persistently looking for girl captured by Indians1956
Residents of a small town are being duplicated by alien pods1956
English schoolteacher travels to Siam 1956
Biblical epic of Moses1956
Mysterious woman is passed off as being the daughter of Czar Nicholas II of Russia1956
Phileas Fogg sets off on an adventure to fulfill bold wager of film's title1956
Emotions and tempers flare as a murder case is deliberated in a jury room1957
After a failed attack during WWI, three innocent men are court-martialed and sentenced to death1957
British POWs build bridge while team sets off to destroy it1957
Medieval knight plays chess with Death during plague1957
The transport of outlaw Ben Wade turns into a mind game for rancher Dan Evans1957
Classic about a boy and a stray dog in post-Civil War Texas1957
'It creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor right through the door, and all around the wall, a splotch, a blotch, be careful of...'1958
Psychological thriller of illusion vs. reality involving acrophobic detective and complex murder plot1958
Black and white escaped prisoners are shackled to each other as they flee from authorities1958
Musical that won nine Oscars - a record at that time (only lasted one year, however)1958
Otto Preminger's courtroom drama of small-town lawyer defending military man who avenged attack on wife1959
Australians await nuclear fallout after World War III 1959
Roger Thornhill is mistakenly thought to be undercover agent and winds up fighting atop Mt. Rushmore1959
Two musicians witness St. Valentine's Day Massacre and hide by joining all-girl band1959
A Tale of the Christ1959

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