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QUIZ: Can you name the the sayings and slogans of teachers in Recreation and Tourism Management!?

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HintSayingA Lil Bit More Help
7-11 Food StoresWhat are they?
RoughridersWho was offside?
Alright?If you need help with this one, you need to see a professional
SpitBall players love making this sound
GlockenspielWho remembers his first name?
JaretI make my own names up - Noreen
DrewOh, that's who.
BrendaShe doesn't do this very often
Is everyone ...Yes, we are Noreen
Have you ever even heard of ...Pretty sure there are 100 of them in Saskatoon there Murph
We might have to do a bit of ...Brandon's long lost cousin
Not even a little bitCan't believe it wasn't Noreen!
Kyle's not a jerkHow about I spit in a garbage can
Vivian ...Do do do do doodle do do
KyleNever quits
Uh,Mr. Carruthers
What if I saidWell, what if?
You plan on rating this quiz:)
Brandon's opponent played this sportOpponent was his fight
HintSayingA Lil Bit More Help
Where's KevinWho said it
KyleWhat's in his eye
Lara does this to thingsI'll put this on it right now
What time will we get up to head back to camp tomorrow?Let's change our plans and not tell the guys
Our famed floor hockey rivals played this card gameAccording to Drew
El PresidenteAt least he showed up
Joel's brotherPlays poker and hockey, probably wishes he was in RTM
Recreation and Tourism ManagementShort name
What didn't show up to head to the HOST conference?
At the host conference, what was the score in the baseball gameJapan vs. Korea
And how many innings did it go?Extra innings baby!
Red head and feistyWho is it?
LittleFinish the saying
PJ says hiI miss his pants
What kind of wave is this?and his jokes
What kind of point is this?all of them
PJ loves the How bout I use this example 50 times a day
Vanscoy buries their animals under ...What street?

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