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Can you name the Tweets summarizing of various Bible books?

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TweetBible Book
Creation, Flood, Abrahamic Covenant, Sodom & Gomorrah royally screw up. Jacob, Esau, 12 tribes, and then Joseph and that Technicolor coat.
Paul’s 1st letter to the chief city of Greece. Spiritual maturity, poverty/ wealth, judging, marriage,Love Chapter, the Resurrection.
Christ’s birth foretold by a prophet whose gift of prophecy was received in the year of King Uzziah’s death.
A Hebrew woman becomes Queen and advocates to the King for her people. The people are saved from destruction.
Paul advocates for a slave he met in prison who is being sent back to his captor.
The early church begins, using the moniker, “the way”. The Holy Spirit arrives on the Day of Pentecost. Paul has a bunch of trouble.
A prophet is commanded to marry a harlot. They have several children. The harlot’s heart is difficult to change. The prophet prophesies.
Gentiles and Jews are equal heirs under grace. Saints are equipped for that to which they are called. Children obey parents. Full Armor!
Satan asks God for access to one of his beloved. God grants the access, with conditions. Many bad things happen. Philosophizing ensues.
TweetBible Book
John has a vision while exiled on Patmos. WOW.
A chronological account of the life of Jesus, most excellent Theophilus.
Solomon’s advice to his son, complete with a description of an excellent woman, in case he needs one.
The Israelites leave Egypt. Moses receives the Top Ten. Tabernacle is described. Go down, Moses.
New covenant is compared with old and found superior in many ways, and for many reasons. Hall of Faith.
Solomon ponders the meaning of life, and gives The Byrds a hit song.
A wall is built around Jerusalem. The builder refused to be distracted from his vision.
Last oracle before inter-testament period. God hates divorce. God asks to be tested concerning tithes and offerings.
The Word was made flesh. Bread of Life. Good Shepherd. Farewell Discourse. Vine and Branches. Arrest, Trial, Crucifixion, Resurrection.

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